Growing in Christ Meditation Questions



  1. Give me some synonyms for the word trust.
  2. How does a person know if they are trusting in the Lord with all their heart?
  3. What kind of symptoms would a person have who is not trusting in the Lord with all their heart?
  4. Describe what it would look like to acknowledge the Lord in all your ways? (Take a situation which is common in your life at this time and discuss how you would acknowledge the Lord in that situation or area.)
  5. Describe what it “feels like” to lean on your own understanding?
  6. What does the phrase "And He will make your paths straight" mean to you?
  7. Out of all of the 30,000+ Bible verses why do you think they selected this Bible verse to be in this collection?
  8. How would your life be different tomorrow if you obeyed this Bible verse?

JOHN 16:24

  1. Why does Jesus say “until now you have asked for nothing in my name”?
  2. What does it mean to ask for something in someone’s name? 
  3. What does “Ask and you will receive” say about who God is and what He is like?
  4. God wanted our joy to be made full. What does this say about the character and nature of God?
  5. How can these truths change your life in the future?


  1. What does the verse say about temptation?
  2. What can you learn about the character and nature of God from this verse?
  3. If there is always a way of escape, then think of some reasons as to why humans choose the sin instead of taking the way of escape.  Don’t just think of spiritual reasons.  Consider the human heart as well.
  4. Does this verse give you hope in your areas of struggle with sin and bad habits?

1 JOHN 1:9

  1. Why does John use the word “if”?
  2. What does John say is God’s response to our confession and why is that important?
  3. What is unrighteousness?
  4. Why do we need to be cleansed from it?
  5. How well or deep does God cleanse us?

1 JOHN 5:11,12

  1. Why does John say, “and the testimony is this…”
  2. What has God given us and where do you find it?
  3. How does one get “the Son of God”?
  4. Why did they include this verse in the collection of verses?
  5. Does this verse give motivation for sharing the Gospel with others?

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