Prayer Vigil

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March 29th-31st

Greetings, Beloved:

We're setting up a 3-day prayer vigil to seek the Lord about the current state of our nation on March 29th-31st. We want to hear from Him on this matter, and we want to pray His will. We're his hands and feet after all, let's do what He says!

The success of the Burkina Faso mission trip was largely attributed to the prayer offered up in a 24 hour, round-the-clock coverage strategy. This was a powerful example of how the saints deal a devastating blow to the schemes and plans of the enemy when we pray. We are not helpless, we are fully equipped with the full armor of God and the Sword of the Spirit to reign here on Earth and exercise dominion through the authority that Jesus has given us. We will not bow to this invisible enemy! Join us as we gather together again to humble ourselves and pray, to seek the Father's will, and receive direction from on high. He alone should direct us how to pray.

Here's how it works: 

-We will pray 24 hours a day for 3 days

-Time will be divided into 60 minute slots. Sign up for a time slot by clicking to open the attached Google Sheets document. There are several slots available so more than one person can be praying per hour. 

-Couples are encouraged to pray together. 

-Once a slot is completely filled, consider covering an empty one. We're shooting for full coverage of every available time slot. Night owls and early birds, unite! Together we can cover the wee hours.

-Choose a time that you can commit solely to prayer and waiting on the Lord for 60 consecutive minutes.

-Click to type in your name next to the time slot you have chosen 

-When you're done, click the green check mark at the top. You're all signed up!

Now, after signing up you'll want to log into FaithLife and join the chat room called Intercessory Prayer. This is key, as this is the place where you will post what you're seeing/hearing in the spirit as you pray. When you log in, you will see what was posted by the person who prayed in the hour before you. You'll pickup from where they left off and begin to pray from there. This way we will stay connected with one another and can pray with one accord. Others can comment, agree, add to, share and encourage one another, etc. 

So that's it.

If you have any questions, contact Sarah Betz. We're in this together. For the King!

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