Get to know Sarah.

Sarah and her husband, Scott, have been married since 2006 and attending 2RC since late 2017. They have two adult children, and two dog children.
Sarah grew up in Tucson, and at 18 moved to Casa Grande to participate in the Home of Hope residential Teen Challenge program. After graduating Teen Challenge in 2005, she completed an internship there and was hired on as a staff member at the Casa Grande center for 2 years. They moved to the valley in 2008 and attended several churches through the years but never fully connected, feeling like something was missing.
After a visit to UPPERROOM Dallas in Summer 2017, they experienced the presence of the Lord in such a way they could clearly see that the Holy Spirit was exactly Who was missing. This visit triggered weeks of praying for the Lord to point them to a church in AZ where they could grow, be planted, and experience more of the "Holy Spirit stuff" they had tasted at UPPERROOM Dallas.
In September 2017 they found out about the Healing Rooms (hosted at 2RC) through a health magazine ad in a doctor's office waiting room. They visited the Healing Rooms that same week and were ecstatic to find that this was that "Holy Spirit stuff" they had been searching for! That weekend they visited a 2RC service and immediately felt like they had found a home for their hearts.
The Betz family has grown and been planted at 2RC ever since. Sarah now works as the Office Supervisor and serves in various ministries.