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Tithes and offerings can be given here via credit/debit card or ACH (Electronic Funds Transfer) using a bank account and routing number.

  1. For a simple contribution to the 2RC General Tithe Fund, enter your amount then click 'next'. You'll be prompted to enter your payment information on the next page.
  2. If you would like to submit a donation to a fund other than the 2RC General Tithe Fund or you would like to split your donation across 2 or more funds (for example: one payment split between tithes, missions, and youth scholarships), click 'Add or change funds'. A drop-down menu will appear for you to designate where you'd like your contribution to go.

If you have any questions about giving, call or text us at 480-892-2435

Thank you SO much for your contribution!! Your generous heart is a blessing to many, and a sweet aroma to the Lord.

Two Rivers Church

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Other ways to give:


Cash and checks can be dropped off at the church during weekend services or anytime during our office hours 9am-4:30pm Monday - Thursday. Fill out a giving envelope and turn it in to tithe boxes in the back of the Sanctuary.


Many of our members give tithes and offerings through their own bank or credit union by setting up Bill Pay options and adding Two Rivers Church as a "payee". This is a great option to avoid processing fees. Many banks process payment immediately from your account and a paper check is mailed to the 2RC Finance Office. If you choose to set up Bill Pay to 2RC through your financial institution please make sure to indicate what your payment is for in the memo section. This note will be included on the check that gets mailed to us. Without this information we won't know what your contribution is for.


Text give+amount to 1-520-600-7154 to give via text. The first time giving by text you will have to set up your account with Debit/Credit/ACH information. After the initial set up your information will be saved for quick giving access. Example: give20 to 1-520-600-7154.